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She twirled her hair with the tip of her finger and smiled bitterly at me.

When I saw that, …I turned around forcefully and said this to her with a serious look.

“So, why does that matter? Whether it’s cosplay or not, I just want to see Tendou-san wearing something beautiful.”

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Tendou-san’s face immediately flared up. Then, as if she’s trying to cover up for something, she walked in front of me and hastily spoke up.

“W-Whatever, how should I put it…? If Amano-kun said it, …uh, …on the premise that you’re the only one seeing it, …I guess…I can wear it…for you…someday.”

I chased her with sparkling eyes after hearing that. “Eh, really!?”

“Well, well, when will Tendou-san hold a furisode conference!”

“Uh, no, don’t rush. …Moreover, it’s past New Year already. I’m not supposed to go out while wearing furisode, right?”

“W-Well, …I guess you’re right.”

I can’t help but feel upset after hearing Tendou-san. …Yeah, …I already missed the chance to see Tendou-san in a kimono this year. …Come to think of it, our relationships were a mess at the end of last year. …No, I shouldn’t say that in past tense.


Tendou-san felt a bit sorry when she saw my depressed face. Her expression slowly darkens.

Only the footsteps on snow and the cheers of the city can be heard between us.


So, we fell into a temporary silence as we walked. We didn’t manage to improve the mood before we arrived at the station. This persisted until we’re about to go our separate ways.

“Uh, …well, ….Tendou-san, …I’ll see you later…”

“O-Okay. …Goodbye, Amano-kun…”

So, we waved and bid farewell to each other stiffly. Just as we’re about to turn around-