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“Of course, I believe such actions that promote physical growth are also important to become a more mature person, but in my case, it was from the mind.”

“Hmm…That’s the first I’ve heard of it. It’s kinda convincing.”

It’s okay to admire her, Satou, but I’m pretty sure you and Nanase aren’t on the same page…

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“You treasure hunting too, Nanase?”

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“Eh? Ah no, I’m not. For some reason I was just in the mood to take things slow today.”

It seemed she wasn’t participating in the treasure hunt. But if that was the case, why did she show up in this place?

“I’m glad to see that you seem to be doing well today, Ayanokouji-senpai. Well then, It’s about time I take my leave.”

Shortly after Nanase left, I crossed paths with Nakaizumi.

“Nakaizumi, huh.”

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“Hmm? Did Nakaizumi-kun do something?”

I’d been trying not to pay attention to it for the past few days, but as I thought, it wasn’t a coincidence. It also wasn’t a coincidence that I ran into Nanase every day.

First of all, Nanase had been trying to make contact with me to check on my condition. On the third day, I spotted Nanase having lunch on the deck, but even if I hadn’t gone there, I was sure she would’ve come to me instead.

And then, there was Nakaizumi following Nanase’s every step. He might not be following Nanase all the time, but he was certainly up to something. And behind Nakaizumi, Ryuuen’s shadow was hiding in plain sight.

I wondered if he was investigating my relationship with Nanase, but Nakaizumi never once showed any sign of paying attention to me. If that was the case, then it was better to assume that they were marking purely Nanase.

I’ll give a little guess as to why they’d mark Nanase. Ryuuen was looking for the culprit who injured Komiya and the others. If it had anything to do with that, then Nanase was completely innocent. The testimonies of Sudou and Ike would make that clear. In that case, why were they spying on Nanase? She shared with me that she saw Amasawa that day, but if Nanase was withholding more information than that, it was a different story. Anyway, even if I continued to think about it, I wouldn’t learn anything more, so I’ll put it in the corner of my mind for now.

“Ah, I found one Ayanokouji-kun! It’s in a place that’s a little hard to find!” Satou shouted happily and pointed.