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The researcher man called out to Ria.

「…What do you want? If it’s blood, you’ve already taken enough, haven’t you?」

「Fufushushu… Well, just listen. You will be sent back to the『home country』after this. Although, you would already be dead by then…」

「…Probably so.」

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Ria did not let her heart waver by his remarks, as she had already anticipated that to be the most likely scenario, and just ignored it.

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「B-Before that… Ju-Just a little bit… I thought I’d enjoy you…」

The man’s vulgar gaze crawled around Ria’s whole body.

「You’re the lowest of man…」

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「Fu, Fushushu…. You can say whatever you want…」

The man said so, and sidled up to Ria one step at a time.

「N-No! Don’t come close!」

As the man reached for Ria’s body, a ray of red flash ran across the dark room.

The next moment.

「Fu- Fushu…!? H-H-Hot, HOT!」

The man was engulfed in scorching conflagration, rolling down on the ground, and screaming out in anguish.


A dreadful death wail echoed throughout the laboratory, and the man died in seconds.

「Zahahahahaha! That was quite dangerous eh, Ria!」

Zack appeared with a hearty laugh, holding a glass of sake.