Do you sell a learning information online?

Do you sell a learning information online?

I made up my mind…and put my hands behind me as I gave Keita a sincerely gratifying smile.

“Thanks for everything.”


Keita pointed at me tremblingly.

After I nodded my head, he…

He froze with his mouth half-open and just stared at me.

Although I can’t help but laugh at his reaction…

But if I’m in this phase already, I might as well tell him everything.

“Also, well, …I’m NOBE as well.”


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“Uh, so, …how should I put this…Well, …you always thought that Konoha is your ‘online friend.’ In reality, it was me all along…Well, …I accidentally lied to you because I’m too embarrassed…”

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Keita lost all of his expressions and fell speechless. He even sat back onto the bench out of fatigue.

(I think…he’s angry, right?)

Of course, he should be angry. After all, I’ve always lied to him, not to mention that this is something essential.