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"You don't think so?".

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"No. She's a prim and proper person. To be more precise, without any falsehood at all, she's filled to the brim with virtue".

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"So that means she's a seriously idiotic saint, huh?".

"That is correct. You are spot on".

Sakayanagi answered her like that with a smile.

"Then in that case, I wonder if Masumi-san and Ichinose-san happen to be similar?".

"Huh? What's that mean? We're completely different, are you being sarcastic?".

"That is not true. This may come as a surprise to you but Masumi-san and Ichinose-san are quite similar".

Kamuro continued to deny exasperatedly that they were not similar yet Sakayanagi continued on.

"You are similar. As for why, the problem with her and the problem with Masumi-san are the 'exact same' after all".

"The problem is the same? Wait a minute. What does that mean?".

Do you understand, Ayanokouji-kun? Her eyes are asking me that. Since there was no way for me to know, I lightly shook my head and denied it.

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"Do you not understand? It means your secret which I hold in my hands and the secret she's hiding deep down inside are the same. Of course, only the premise of it is the same and the results are completely different".

Having that be explained in such detail to her, something should have clicked within Kamuro.