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Keisei isn't the fittest person around but he pushes himself so as to not be a liability. And then, roughly 20 minutes later, that man came back.

"This looks like the turnaround point".

He's got leaves and dirt stuck to his jersey. Evidence that he had been moving around quite a bit.

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"You're the last one, Kouenji. You've got 40 minutes left".

"That seems to be the case. I should've taken my time but my encounter with the wild boar ended sooner than I had expected, you see".

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"Wild boar?".

Chabashira questioned that sudden, absurd word but Kouenji quickly turned around and ran off.

"Kouenji. Rollcall. You'll be disqualified otherwise".

As Chabashira called out to him, Kouenji named himself without looking back.

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"My name is Kouenji Rokusuke. Make sure to remember it, Teacher".

A majestic laughter echoes through the hills.

"Are you fine with that, sensei? He didn't state his class though".

"Since he's named himself, let's just overlook the rest".

"Then I'll also be heading back".