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Is there a game that can make money?

“Well, if you put it that way, it’s true.”

“Then we’re good. For the exam, just follow my proposal and prepare accordingly.”

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It’s kind of respectable that he was able to think simply at this point.

Hiyori also listened to Ishizaki’s proposal with great interest.

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“Ain’t no point in worrying about things I don’t understand.”

Was this Ishizaki Daichi’s unique charm?

“Well then… my second point.”

Since it seems like I couldn’t make him understand the first point, I went ahead with the next one.

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“Other than me, who else have you talked to? Or who else were you planning to talk to?”

“We didn’t talk to anyone, and we don’t intend to. Right?”

The two of them nodded in agreement with Ishizaki’s statement.

“So that means it’s only me. Why’s that?”

“Well, ‘course it’s just you. I reckon you’re just as powerful as Ryuuen… Nah, if I had to say, it’s cuz I now think that you’re even better than him. You’re strong as hell at fighting, and your mental agility is even acknowledged by him. Plus, in the spring exam, you got a perfect score in math. That was truly incredible. The group which has Ayanokouji has the exam in the bag. So I see no reason for us not to invite you, eh?”