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“They left…”

I took a quick look to check, but I couldn’t see the two from a little while ago. I noticed that the weight of the warmth on my hands had become heavier as I’d caught my breath. I kept suppressing it after I’d embraced it in a hurry.

“Sorry Sakura… Sakura?”

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Sakura was somehow there, exhausted and half-conscious.

“Are, are you okay?”

“O, o, o, k, okay, ay ay…”

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Her face turned red as if the steam was about to rise from her body, sitting helplessly on that place. Perhaps she was held down with a much stronger force than I thought.

“Ouch, ou, ou… I thought I died… And my heart stopped…”

That was as one would expect as exaggerated. Sakura’s breathing stabilized as she fixed her slippery glasses.

“Those two before. It looks like they’re from A class based on their conversation.”

However, to abandon this place and leave is what I was worried about. There was also a possibility that the spot might be usurped unless we let someone to stand guard.

After we waited for Sakura’s stamina to return, we went to the entrance of the cave once again. In other words, they left this place without hesitation…

Inside the cave a terminal device with a monitor was installed, embedded in the wall. There was a letter of an A class on the screen and a countdown displaying 7 hours 55 minutes left.

Was it a proof of owning a spot? We can absolutely not interfere until the countdown reaches zero. It is also impossible to forcibly use this place. That’s why the two from A class have peacefully left the place. No – the problem wasn’t only that.