Suitable for webworks

Suitable for webworks

“It’s just like how in certain martial arts novels, the protagonist would be able to win against others even if he did not have any techniques. However, you would be defeated pathetically if you tried to emulate him.

“Boss Ma, my advice is to forget about the Tengda Games department. You will not be able to learn such an ability.

“Of course, that is not to spite you. I won’t be able to learn it either. Most of the people in this world would not be able to learn it, too.

“A business genius like Boss Pei is one in a trillion. The experience of such a person cannot be used as a reference.” Pei Qian: “...”

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Forget about the Tengda Games department?

Impossible, I am here to solve the problem of the gaming department. How could you try to persuade me to give up?!

What did you mean by ‘return to basics’—what godly level? What sh*t were you talking about?!

Pei Qian was speechless; what about sharing his failures? Why did he become a whip corpse again!

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Qiu Hong looked at his watch. “Oh, time’s up.

“Boss Ma, it has been such a joy talking to you. I have not had such a great conversation for a long time. The distress in my chest had been completely wiped out!”

Pei Qian: “...”

The distress in your chest had been completely wiped out? What about my distress? It has increased again...

Pei Qian asked, “So, you will talk about new failure factors when the time comes, right?”

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Qiu Hong nodded “Of course, I can vaguely feel that I can be very good friends with Boss Ma. We both have similar traits.”

“What is this trait...?”

“We both have grievances with nowhere to air; we have a goal, but no one cooperates.

“Boss Ma, don’t worry, we’ll definitely be able to get through it! “In short, I’ll share all I can and will! We’ll make progress together!”