Is there a project that can make money online?

Is there a project that can make money online?

Each desk was much more spacious, and the computers were top-tier. There was also a pantry, a snack area, fitness equipment, a game room, and the like.

Lin Wan was very proud of this.

Shang Yang Games had spent their own hard-earned money on this!

The mobile version of Bloody Battle Song had been released on September 20th. About a month had passed since then. Shang Yang Games had already earned five or six million yuan from that game.

Although there were very few purchase options in the game, there were many players. What’s more, players could keep purchasing items repeatedly. On top of this, Shenhua’s games platform had been treating Shang Yang Games particularly well. The latter got ninety percent of all the income.

Thus, even after deducting taxes, daily operating expenses, salaries, rental for the cloud server, and other expenses; Shang Yang Games was still earning about one or two million yuan per week.

At first, Lin Wan wanted to hand this sum of money back to Tengda Games, so that the staff of Shang Yang Games could hold their heads high in front of other employees of Tengda Corporation. However, Boss Pei turned her down immediately.

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“Shang Yang Games needs this sum of money now. Why don’t any of you have long-term goals?

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“Is the office perfect?

“Are the employees getting as much benefit as Tengda’s employees? “Everyone has been working so hard for so long. Shouldn’t you distribute a bonus to reward them for their hard work?

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“Spend all the money that you need on Shang Yang Games before you think about transferring the profits!”

These were Boss Pei’s original words.

Lin Wan had no other choice. During that one month, she kept thinking about how to improve the office.