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Suddenly, my upper body was awoken by the imminent feeling that I’m about to fall.

Then, using that burst of energy, I took out the ladder from the storage. Then, I climbed up and cleaned the ceiling light before reinstalling it. Finally, I took a deep breath.

“No, get a hold of yourself, Ayumu Kiriya! Rise from where you fell! You should know that!”

I slapped my cheeks while standing on the table to cheer myself up. Creative work on the internet is not just limited to uploading videos. However, the most important thing for all of them is for the creator to maintain their motivation. If losing your career is the red light, being less productive is already yellow.

It’s easy for a streamer to start doing something else after getting famous and praised. Then, their videos’ quality and quantity begin to drop. Finally, they just disappear without even saying their last goodbyes. I’ve seen this kind of streamers from time to time.

That’s why I, as a mid-tier streamer, always try my hardest to upload videos consistently at a reasonable pace. It’s just that…after I joined up with Keita, the center of attraction slowly shifted to him instead.

This is why I feel this sense of “defeat” after he disappeared.

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I understood the reason, but what should I do from now on?

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Well, should I go back and work hard on my solo stream series? No, …it’s already over once it involves working hard. Doesn’t this prove that my motivation is wavering? Live streaming isn’t a real job to me. It’s just my hobby. …Something’s value will drastically drop if you can’t enjoy it. In the end, I’m guaranteed to fail sooner or later.

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Well, how should I relieve this sense of defeat temporarily…? …All I know is that at the minimum, …I want to play with Keita one more time.

Just as I’m standing on the ladder and thinking dazedly-

…I noticed an old console in the corner of my room?

(That’s, …oh, right, I used that to record < Battle Live > with Keita.)