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「About that… There is a small island on “the other side of the Hundred Million Year Sakura”. So we can go there and play while watching the sakura blossoms in full bloom!」

「Oh, there is such a good place?」

「Yes, and moreover, it’s a deserted island! No matter how noisy we are, it won’t bother anyone.」

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「That’s great!」

I’m not very good with crowds because I’m from Goza village, where there are far more livestock than people.

(I’ve been living in the city of Orest for a while, so I’ve become a little more used to it, but…)

The crowd at the world-class tourist destination “Country of Sakura, Cherin” is on a whole nother level.

In fact, the symptoms of “anthropophobia” began to appear a little while ago. [1. TL Note: “Anthropophobia” is “dizziness experienced in crowded places”.]

To be honest, I am very grateful to be able to go to a deserted island at this time.

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「Deserted island huh… It’s kind of exciting!」

「It’s a very good idea, which is unusual for Sie, though…」

Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai agreed, but Ria groaned softly with a「Hmmm…」.

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「I think the other side of the Hundred Million Year Sakura should be a very good location… So, why is it a deserted island?」

And Rose answered her question.

「There are a lot of special fast tides around that area. Normal ships or boats are unable to disembark on that island. Once there was a plan to build a runway and set up an air route, but the government scrapped it saying it does not have that much economical value.」

「I see, you’re quite knowledgeable about it.」