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“Therefore... I came here with two requests.”

“First, is to make good use of the ‘nameless restaurant’ brand. We’ll open a branch after selecting the location on the pretext that the quality is assured.

“Second, establish a Gourmet Laboratory dedicated to providing better dishes for diners.”

Pei Qian remained silent. He had been happy over nothing So it was to propose more money-making methods to me! Branch Manager Lin, I’ll definitely not promise you that...

Your analysis was on the dot.

Ming House was profitable; diners had to wait in line to dine at Ming Yun Private Kitchen. That all showed that demand for high-end dining had not been satisfied.

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However, branching out Fish-Catching Take-Out was because it was not profitable!

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One Ming Yun Private Kitchen was profitable enough. You want me to open another branch to make even more money?

Don’t create more burden for me, I beg you!

Pei Qian was in distress over this as well. He could only eat at Ming Yun Private Kitchen at certain times after Ming Yun Private Kitchen gained popularity. He could only dine in the largest private room once per week and book the entire place on the 20th of every month.

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However, Pei Qian would rather wait then to open another store and earn more.

Open branches? Dream on!

The Gourmet Laboratory should not be done as well.

Fish-Catching Take-Out was to suit the taste of the public. The ingredients were relatively cheap. Most people would not pursue fanciful dishes. The level of improvement possible for a gourmet laboratory was relatively small.

However, Ming Yun Private Kitchen was aimed at high-end diners. If I really were to let those powerful chefs set up a gourmet laboratory to study metaphysical dishes such as ‘air-fried dishes’, they will definitely be more famous and go out of control!

Therefore, Pei Qian was very resistant to these requirements and would not agree to it. Of course, Lin Canrong proposed that Ming Yun Private Kitchen could also open a Gourmet Laboratory. That was reasonable and not easy to refute bluntly. He could only find a nice way to decline.

He thought for a moment and said. “Are you asking to open a branch because you think that Ming Yun Private Kitchen has achieved the best you can now?”