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Both of us stopped at this point as if we noticed something.

…Of course. Although it’s an accident, …I can’t go home with Tasuku anymore after I started going out with Amanocchi. Naturally, I distanced myself from everyone in class F.

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“Ah, hey, why don’t we find a place to sit down while we’re chatting, Aguri?”

Mikamika brought me to the bench next to the escalator.

I agreed as I sat down with Mikamika. My shopping trip is on hold now.

Unlike the benches in the school, the ones in here feel cold. I can’t help but feel a bit nervous. Is it because I’m with a friend I don’t normally see during the weekend?

(Even though I don’t really care whenever I’m with Amanocchi…)

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At this point, I’m so defenseless that I wouldn't care even if he suddenly showed up on the girl’s side of the public bath. To me, Amanocchi is already a must. That’s why…

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“But that sure freaked me out. I can’t believe Aguri is going out with Amano.”

“Ah, well…”

“But, seriously, why did you choose him?”


….Why is the conversation topic going to him? What should I do? Not even I know. To me, she’s literally asking me, “What do you think about oxygen?” All I can answer is, “No, even if you ask me-“

So, I can only reply to her with a confused expression. As my friend, Mikamika probably thinks that something must’ve happened. She slightly frowned and continued asking me.