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Konoha-san is utterly depressed as she apologized to her sister. Although I don’t understand what she meant by that, all I can do is to cheer her up for now.

“It’s not like that. I admire the way that you can separate your characters! It’s more like you have a strong will than your acting skills! You’re really a creator!”

“…Really…Thanks for your appreciation…”

Konoha is saying that while not looking excited at all. H-How incredible. She won’t think highly of herself even though she was praised. She is NOBE, indeed.

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At this moment, my heart is finally feeling a bit that this person is really NOBE.

“Although it’s far from what I’ve imagined, I can tell that Konoha-san is very ambitious. Moreover, she will sometimes say something that doesn’t make sense, this is the same as NOBE…I guess so!”

The creator that I’ve admired is walking next to me, how honored.

“Hmm…w-what’s wrong, Amano-kun…? Why are you staring at me with such a pure and brave look that can never appear on a high school boy…”

“It’s nothing, I just felt delighted. I really like NOBE’s works!”


“What’s wrong, Konoha-san? Why are you turning your face away from me…”

“…Ouch, my heart is being flushed with a barge of emotions right now. Embarrassment, envy, guilt, jealousy, pain in the butt, and my heart are beating so fast…Right, Amano-senpai, please take up responsibility and let me punch you.”

“Eh! Why! That’s unreasonable-“

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She really slapped me on the face. Well, she only pushed the muscle on my face for a bit, and it’s not painful at all…However, it’s too sudden, and it really hurt me mentally. If I am a kid, I would probably break into years.

Just as I’m shocked while touching my face, Konoha-san just stared at the sky before letting out a sad sigh.

“…Sigh. This helps nothing, it just made me empty…”