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Given that the target audience was more or less set, the low price would ensure that Pei Qian earned less!

This price caused some people in the company to worry. They were afraid that they would not be able to recover their capital. However, after Pei Qian shot down all of their suggestions, he finalized the price.

Pei Qian hoped that this game’s descriptors would be: huge investment, cool backgrounds, vastly popular, and dismal sales!

Until now, Game Designer’s main investment was in its art resources. They poured more than two million yuan in the art resources. Together with all the other expenses, they spent a total of about three million yuan on creating the game.

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Ruan Guangjian gave them discounts, but he was only in charge of the animation design. Tengda still had to pay other people to create the actual animations, backgrounds, and models.

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After adding in all the other expenses for the game, they had to sell more than three hundred thousand copies of it before they would be able to profit!

Pei Qian was quite confident that they would not be able to reach that volume of sales.

He could accept the fact that a small group of people among the gamers were masochists. However, there could not possibly be three hundred thousand masochists among them, right?

At the same time that the game was published, Qiao Liang uploaded his video.

After he finished, Qiao Liang immediately logged off the Potato Web platform. He switched off notifications on his fans’ chatting platforms and set his cell phone to silent mode. In a single breath, he had gone into isolation mode!

At once, he sent the link to the video to Lu Mingliang. A while later, they sent the money over. Now that the money was in his account, Qiao Liang heaved a long sigh of relief.

He was now in full ostrich-mode. He did not care that chaos was going to follow. Since the money was in his account, he could play for two months before paying attention to any of this! Even if he got scolded upside down, everything will blow over in two months. He would act as if nothing had happened. Teacher Qiao was still a good man.

Not long after Qiao Liang posted his video, his fans received a notification recommending it. In just ten minutes, the fans’ moods were vastly overturned. They were very hurt!

At first, when they saw that Teacher Qiao had just uploaded a new video, they were overjoyed. When they saw that it was posted under New Recommended Games of the Month, their excitement halved. That was because they knew that this was the segment he used for sponsored partnerships; the videos there were not very interesting. A portion of the fans felt bored so they clicked the notification to watch the video.

Then, their three points-of-views [3. This is a Chinese, online slang representing one’s values, life philosophy, and worldview.] were shredded to bits! The entire video contained only recordings of a certain game. The game looked very beautiful; there was nothing worth criticizing.

However, the voice-over and contents of the narration could only be described with four words: intolerable to the ears!