Is it true that the order is true?

Is it true that the order is true?

“No, Sakura-san is definitely the witness. Her actions made it obvious. Although she may not admit it, she’s who you’re looking for.”

Horikita was acting like her usual self.

All of us were moved that Horikita was doing this for the class.

“Did you really do this for my sake…!”

Sudou looked especially moved.

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“Nope. I just didn’t want to waste this time and look shameful to the other classes. That’s all.”

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“Um, so in short, you’re saying that you helped us right?”

“You can interpret it however you want, but I’m just saying that you’re wrong.”

“Don’t lie~. You’re just a tsundere, Horikita~”

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Ike hit Horikita’s shoulders playfully, but she threw his arm onto the ground.


“Don’t touch me. There better not be a next time, because I’ll despise you until we graduate.”

“I-I won’t touch… even if I tried to touch… Ow, ow!”

She pinned him down in a headlock. Unfortunate, but he deserved it.

At any rate, those weren’t the movements of a normal girl. Since her older brother does karate and aikido, does she do martial arts too?

“My a-arm is…!”


Horikita talked to Ike, who was on the floor in pain. Isn’t this just overkill?

“Should I revise it to, ‘Despising you until we graduate won’t cut it?’”