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"B-but, wait a bit. How did it come to this? Didn’t you make every effort to save him earlier?"

I did indeed rescue him from his expulsion crisis. But that was in the past when I didn’t need to aim for class A. I’m preparing to make my way, even though it may be temporarily, to that class. Which means cutting away the useless existences is mandatory. As Horikita once told me.

"Even after saving Sudou, you are going to kick him off?"

"Nah, not Sudou. A human with his physical strength is important for the class."

There aren’t many students in the other classes that have physical abilities comparable to him. Kouenji aside, Sudou, with his high potential, is an important existence.

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"What will happen to our class points if someone is expelled…?"

"Well of course, the best option would be to expel someone from the other classes."

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Though having said that, if someone from our class gets expelled, the rest would work their hardest to not undergo the same treatment. That wouldn’t exactly be bad either.

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"You are horrible you know?"

"You should know that already, right?"

"…Well yeah."

I threatened her, my actions even approached rape. I don’t think she has a good impression of me.

"How about consulting Hirata?"

"I wonder about that. Hirata isn’t someone I can fully trust as of now."

"You know about his past?"