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The story mode was to experience the plot again. However, this time, he could skip to a specific stage.

The Eternal War was obviously a gameplay similar to the Endless Mode. In this gameplay, they would still fight against the Zergs controlled by AI, but the difficulty would gradually increase.

The online battle allowed players to fight against players and AIs. They could freely choose the number of players, the size of the map, and the difficulty of AI. The degree of freedom was very high.

Considering that there was no balance between humans and Zergs in Mission and Choice, this online battle mode could only be considered a relatively relaxed entertainment model.

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What attracted Qiao Liang the most was obviously the [Creation Mode].

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Previously, “Fantasy Battle” had released an editor with the game, producing a large number of classic RPG maps. “Gods Rising” was also born from it.

On the other hand, the Creation Mode of Mission and Choice was equivalent to the official version of the game editor. It simplified the usage of the editor and added many modular operating methods. Ordinary players would be able to create their own map after a little exploration.

Of course, if he wanted to create more complicated content, he still had to learn and research.

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On the other hand, there was a pop-up notification when he entered the creation mode for the first time. The general idea was that Tengda Games would own the basic content copyrights such as art materials in the creation mode. On the other hand, players would own the game’s original content copyrights such as the map mechanism and gameplay.

If players discovered that the map they created had been infringed on, they could contact Tengda to maintain their rights. Tengda would help to deal with these infringements and protect the players’ legal rights.

Qiao Liang could not help but feel emotional when he saw this. Tengda was still so kind!

If players used the original gameplay content of the game editor, the copyright would definitely belong to the players themselves. There was no doubt about that.

However, Tengda could add an extra sentence that if the author’s right was infringed, they could help defend his rights. This is still very heartwarming and reflects a kind of care for the players.

Qiao Liang took a quick look at all of these modes and did not delve deeper into them. After all, these modes were not much different from the battle content of the story mode and Qiao Liang’s mind was filled with ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’.

It would not be too late to slowly experience these modes when there was time later.