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Ruan Guangjian hesitated for a moment. “I might be distracted if I take on two projects at once…”

Li Yada waved her hand. “Don’t worry. They have a lot of art resources already. Boss, you just need to go and take a look and give some suggestions. Your primary job would be to offer guidance; you won’t have to do anything yourself.”

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After some consideration, Ruan Guangjian nodded. “Alright, I’ll take a look and offer some suggestions, then.”

January 7th, Friday…

At Shang Yang Games…

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“Big Boss, we welcome your guidance!”

Ruan Guangjian saw the staff of Shang Yang Games greeting him with warm applause once he entered the office. Lin Wan, Ye Zhizhou, and Wang Xiaobin stood at the very front with ‘thirsty after talents’ written all over their faces.

Ruan Guangjian was flattered and hurriedly replied, “No, no, please don’t need to stand at the ceremony. I’m dropping by since I just finished my work nearby. You don’t have to worry about me; don’t delay your work.” Lin Wan smiled. “No, no, no, Big Boss Ruan, you’re too humble.

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“Your art has given Tengda Games its soul as the original artist that Boss Pei relies the most on. A large part of the high sales volume of Tengda Games is your credit!

“Boss Pei and you are the best partners. It would definitely be very beneficial for us even if you were just to give Shang Yang Games some pointers!

“Come, please have a seat. This is a workstation reserved just for you. You’re always welcome at Shang Yang Games!”

The crowd led Ruan Guangjian to a separate workstation which was just vacated right next to Ye Zhizhou and diagonally opposite Wang Xiaobin.

Ruan Guangjian sat at the workstation and took out the drawing tablet he carried around with him. “Your workstation… is the same standard as Tengda?”

Coming to Shang Yang Games felt as though he had returned to Tengda. The office environment was too similar! Whether it was a spacious office space, wide desk, comfortable ergonomic chair, or a high-end computer coupled with dual monitors; the standard was exactly the same as in Tengda.

Lin Wan nodded. “Yes, Shang Yang Games might be a subsidiary of Tengda Games, but we do not distinguish between each other. Boss Pei always treats all employees equally.

“The office was rearranged according to Tengda Games’ standard just a few months after we moved. Such a setting seemed to be able to ignite the staff’s passion for work more easily.”

Ignite the staff’s passion for work?