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“Oh, it’s true when you said it.”

Even though it’s not zero, we yelled at each other way less frequently.

I looked at the station that finally appeared in front of us as I continued.

“It’s because we’re different than when I just met you. Both of us know the things we can’t back down on, right.”

“Yes, recently, we’re just normally close gaming partners.”

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“No, you’re wrong.”

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“It’s not normal. We’re a pair of very close gaming partners.”

I smiled and said that. Chiaki blushed really hard and plopped her head down. “Y-Yes…”


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…Ah, eh, what’s with this embarrassing atmosphere? I just corrected her based on facts. …U-Uh, did I say something wrong?


We strolled on the path silently. That excitement when we’re talking about games flew away.

So, after an unknown amount of time-

Chiaki suddenly started chuckling again.

She carried a…timid expression that doesn’t look like a gaming partner at all. The girl mumbled to herself.

“Well, …what’s the next level for a pair of very close gaming partners?”


Is this the question for me? Uh, even if that’s the case, …all I can do is to scratch my cheeks silently.

I cleared my throat loudly and dragged ourselves back to games, even though I understand that this is really cunning.