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He An thought about it. “It’s okay, an RTS game is not a deviation from today’s topic. I’ll talk about it briefly then.

“An RTS game is a real-time strategy game. It was glorious in the past. We were once the mainstay game type in the esports industry. However, when we talk about RTS, there is no avoiding talk about Fantasy Battle and Starcraft

“Last year, Starcraft 2 was released and was a great success.

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“However, that hasn’t changed the industry’s dislike of RTS games since it is more like a flashback. The success of one game will hardly change the decline of the entire game type.

“It is true as well. Except for a few established, well-known manufacturers; almost no one wants to touch this game type anymore.

“Even the big manufacturers do not seem to plan to invest too much money and energy into this game type. The decline of this type of game is directly related to the rise of new game types.

“RTS games have too high of a requirement for the players. Most players failed to reach the minimum operating threshold and naturally could not enjoy the game.

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“At the same time, the single-player mode is also difficult to throw the blame to their teammates. The frustrations after losing are too strong, making RTS a very high-end and highly watchable esports event. However, it is very difficult to continue as a popular mass game because of the threshold.

“The mainstream popular games of the future would be games like GOG, especially the client-side game and mobile games with their unique advantages...

Pei Qian’s mouth twitched again. Why was the topic back to GOG? He had to think of ways to change the subject.

“In short, making an RTS game without many IPs at this point in time would mean a dead end?”

He An nodded lightly. “Yes, you can think of it this way.”

Pei Qian nearly danced with joy.

I thought so, too! I was finally on the same frequency with Teacher He for once. Pei Qian had indeed considered the RTS game type before, but he decided against it by then because it did not seem dead yet.

It might not have any future, but many old players liked such game types. Moreover, they had a huge purchasing power. He was afraid that it might backfire. However, more than one year had passed, and the situation had changed!

The release of Starcraft 2 revived RTS, sucking away almost all the remaining RTS players.

Moreover, the competition between GOG and IOI was so intense that even Gods Rising could only tremble. What more could be said about a new RTS game?

Yes, let’s do this! It seemed to be foolproof!

What a pity though... that it was no longer possible for this cycle. He could only think of using it for the next cycle.