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“The competition seems to be ongoing.”

The competition had started at 11 AM yesterday in Los Angeles, which was also at 3 AM Jingzhou Time this morning. They were playing six rounds a day, and they were now in the fifth round.

If the domestic audience wanted to watch the competition, they stayed up all night, watching it from dawn until morning.

Pei Qian was not that interested in IOI’s competition. After all, he had not played it before and did not know much about it. The timing was not suitable. What’s more, FV Club did not need to play in the group competitions.

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Thus, he did not pay much attention to this matter. He only opened the live-stream platform to take a look after seeing the relevant news today.

Obviously, IOI’s global finals were still quite popular domestically thanks to Long Yu Corporation’s huge publicity efforts. All major news apps were promoting the news, and various live-streaming platforms had given a lot of recommendations. It looked very popular.

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In addition, the GPL’s pre-season competition had just ended a few days ago. The spring competition had not started yet. During this period, many players who had nothing to do would choose to watch IOI’s global finals.

Pei Qian clicked into the live-stream and realized that there were two foreign teams that he did not know at all. They were currently in a state of equilibrium and were fighting anxiously.

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The scene looked tense, but the bullet screen comments were not discussing the competition itself. Instead, fans on both sides of IOI and GOG were fighting wildly.

“Trash! The unveiling battle has been pushed to a draw. Stop playing the competition and swim back!”

“They’re fighting so ridiculously that they are not even using their best heroes anymore. They are not using their original tactics anymore but are learning from foreign teams? They can’t even learn properly!”

“It’s just like a toddler learning to walk but lost whatever they had learnt previously! The playstyle is too ugly!”

“Such a good venue and great opening ceremony. The competition was so well-respected, but the domestic team was beaten up. Isn’t that disgusting?”

“Everyone, please be more tolerant. This is only the first game. What’s more, they have to learn it. The version has already changed. They will only lose more miserably if they continue playing in accordance to the previous version.”

“F*ck, I stayed up all night, and this is all I got? If the GPL Spring Competition had not started, I would not have come to watch this lousy competition to suffer!”

“Then hurry up and go back to your GPL! It’s a rubbish game that only our countrymen play.”