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“…I think…we walked the path to the hill unconsciously…”


Everyone immediately lowered their heads…Well, we’re so fascinated with the game that we climbed up the hill and met the sunset. This is quite shameful even for gamers like us.

However, the one good thing is that there’s a recently constructed rest area near us. A lot of buses heading towards downtown and other places are operational as well.

After we checked our respective bus schedule for heading home, we gathered up at the rest area and started to wait for the bus. However, none of the couples are chatting with each other happily…


Even Tendou-san can’t hide her tired look. This shows that how exhausting and unconstructive today really is.

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We’re sitting there tiringly as if the whole group just went through intense training in the sports club. I felt responsible since I’m the one that planned this, so I tried to mobilize my low communication skill and attempted to make small talks.

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“Uh, i-is everyone’s bus schedule separated from each other?”

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The one person that’s willing to answer my “unnecessary” question is still my girlfriend, Karen Tendou.

She’s wearing that “Karen Tendou’s smile” on her drained face as she summarized for everyone.

“Yeah. It’s either to Amano’s house, to Hoshinomori’s house, or to downtown. The members that are taking the buses are the same. The Amano brothers. The Hoshinomori sisters, and the rest of us.”

“Really. Uh, well, the bus to our home is leaving 20 minutes later at 6:30 PM. Tendou-san, how about you?”

“The downtown gang is leaving at 6:25 PM. Hoshinomori-san, what about you?”