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I can tell the credit scenes aren’t over yet from the BGM, So, I grabbed my phone just to kill time.

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“…Come to think of it, I didn’t contact with Amano and Hoshinomori recently at all…”

Well, I mean we don’t really message each other often. But, our relationship has weakened because we don’t get to see each other at school in the summer holiday…no, wait.

“…I’m hiding from them. That’s perhaps the reason…”

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Usually, I would hold a Game Hobby Club meet-up in times like this. However, I don’t feel like doing that at all right now…


“Oh, it’s over already…

Once I snapped out of it, the credits on the TV screen has already finished playing, and the game went back to the title screen. But, if it’s going back to the title screen at the end without an epilogue, why did I just spend a few minutes staring at a bunch of strange names?

I turned off the console, and the room returned to silence.


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I decided to go out and take a walk to get the depression out of my head.

Most of the thugs around here are my friends- that’s obviously not true. But, I, who know a bunch of people, should be easily able to meet up with people in downtown, not to mention we’re on a summer holiday.

“W-Why I can’t see anyone today…?”

Aguri’s date with me will often be interrupted by my friends. Then, they disappear when I’m looking for them. What is this madness?

“The enemy encounter system for my life is way too broken…”

This sounds like a metaphor Amano would say. I guess it’s because I’ve been playing RPGs lately.