Hong Kong online earning website

Hong Kong online earning website

After completing the standard procedures, he did some simple editing and rendering to the clips and uploaded the final video.

“Good. I’m done!”

Pei Qian stretched his body. Working was really tiring

To his surprise, the Shenhua N7 model had pretty good drop protection. Its rear cover was even sturdier than the Pineapple phones. Pei Qian had some difficulty trying to pry the rear cover of the phone open, and he spent quite some effort in doing so. However, as the saying went, blunt force led to miracles. There was not a single phone in the world that Pei Qian could not pry open.

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After completing all of that, Pei Qian felt that the duration was shorter than he had expected. He still had some time to do other things.

“Umm… that’s great, why don’t we finish the MSC flagship cell phone model today as well?

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“After that, we can stop working on cell phones temporarily. We can explore other digital products, such as headphones, cameras, and laptops. Those were all worth considering.”

Pei Qian yawned and opened a can of cola to wake himself up. He continued working on the third episode of Hardcore Reviews.

He most certainly could not upload two episodes at the same time. Pei Qian wanted to wait for the responses of this video that he had just uploaded. If the responses were good, he could upload the MSC episode either tomorrow or two days later.

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After ‘Hardcore Reviews Episode 2: Shenhua N7’ had been uploaded onto Aili Island, viewers that had previously subscribed to this account quickly received a notification.

Even if the ‘Hardcore Reviews’ account did not have many fans, many viewers that saw the first episode had subscribed to this account. Therefore, when the second video was uploaded, there were quickly many voices in the comments section.

“Holy sh*t. Episode 2 was uploaded so quickly!”

“Previously, it was Pineapple 4, now Shenhua N7? The total number of views for these two videos had not even reached 5000, and yet the production cost of both videos reached 10,000?!”

“Pineapple 4 was almost 5000 yuan while Shenhua N7 was 4199. The cost was around 9000 in total! I can only say that we cannot understand the life of a baller!”

“Could these videos be reposted?”

“They are not reposted. You can’t find the ‘Hardcore Reviews’ account at any other platforms. Aili Island seems to be the first platform that these videos had been uploaded onto.”