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“I don’t know, but I asked!”

『Let us proceed.... ‘Slant’』

Slant. Meaning the route cuts into an angle diagonally after running straight.

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I just barely avoid a large tree.


Corner. The instruction is to cut diagonally to the right after running straight for a while.

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As the name implies, keep running straight. There’s nothing to hinder me for a while, and I can run through non-stop.

“Hey, what? How did he? A swifter running course...can’t catch up!”

Gradually, the gap from Shinobu’s feet, which trainer called the perfect parkour, was expanding.

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『Jig Out』

Incredible. As I ran, I pondered, ‘Which way should I run?’ and I thought about it, but my idea was completely different from Tre’ainar’s instructions.

I realize my judgment still needs work.

But thanks to that, I gained some distance from the disturbed woman...

“You’re truly amazing. I respect you! But that’s why you have to wait! You say you’ll blow my brother away, but...... no matter what you do in the first place, you can’t beat Nii-san!”