What are the online answering?

What are the online answering?

“Nope, you’re different, Konoha Hoshinomori. Please disappear immediately from my brother, you slutty bitch.”


I can’t help but slam my hands on the table as I stood up. So, -everyone in the restaurant, including Amano-senpai’s table, glanced at us.

Amano-senpai looked at us worriedly. Kousei-kun then replied with a bitter smile.

“Haha, brother, is it really the time to be worried about someone right now? I don’t think you guys are talking enough…”

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“I-It’s fine! Y-You’re annoying, Kousei. This is none of your business. Jeez.”

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Amano-senpai turned back angrily to continue what they were chatting about. During this time, Kousei-kun nodded respectfully at onee-chan and Agu-senpai when they’re looking at us.

I sat back down after I witnessed their interaction. Then, I racked my brain and started talking acridly to this guy….this stinky douchebag with a stomach full of crap.

“Hmph, you’re already calling me a bitch…K-Kid, you sure do know how to act innocently.”

“Eh? You say…I’m acting innocently? What are you talking about?”

He tilted his head as if he’s genuinely confused….T-This prick!

“I-It’s because your attitude is entirely different for us compared to them!”