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“…Aren’t you the actual problem here?”

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His low, heavy voice resonated throughout the classroom.

Even now, my brain refused to accept that this cold voice was coming from Hirata.

“It’s true that this exam is far too heartless and cruel. I’ll never be able to accept it. But, even so… if you can somehow get yourself to tolerate it, it’s really nothing more than just a normal class poll. By no means is it here for you to pit everyone against each other like this.”

“That’s unrealistic. Behind the scenes, our classmates have been forming a group, holding discussions about how to manipulate the results of the vote. Ayanokōji-kun was going to take on all of that by himself.”

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“Yes. That’s also deplorable. Regardless, your blatant appeal to the entire class is a different thing entirely.”

“It’s the same. There’s no difference. You should’ve stopped their plotting yourself if you really wanted to stay true to this hypocritical mindset of yours.”

Nobody could cut into their conversation at this point.

Hirata was the on the edge of desperation, and the only person capable of talking it out with him was Horikita.

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“Besides, even without taking a vote here, I’ve already finished explaining everything. Don’t you realize that this ‘normal vote’ you wanted is already completely gone?”

“That’s right… The die has been cast. You can’t take back what’s been said.”

Hirata took a deep breath before continuing.

He regained a little bit of his composure, but there was no change in his cold attitude.

“That’s why I’m going to cast my vote for you tomorrow, Horikita-san. I won’t allow you to cause problems for this class again.”

Hirata was well aware of his own numerous inconsistencies. Nonetheless, he gets along with everyone in the class and values peace and camaraderie more than anyone. Which, consequently, was exactly why he was suffering.

“Yes. Do as you want.”