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"Tha~t is a slightly strange way to put it, but I see. It just means you're not that dense. Of course, since you understand that, I won't say anything unnecessary either".

Unnecessary. In other words, 'aren't you going to answer Airi's feelings?', is what she's talking about. If you ask me, Airi is like a baby bird that has just begun to take its first steps on its own.

Still in a state where it doesn't know a lot of other people, latching onto one of the few members of the opposite sex she's intimate with, in other words me, and directing her affections more or less towards me is something that cannot be helped.

First off, she needs to spend more time together with a large number of males and females and amongst them, she needs to mature.

By doing so, it may give rise to a feeling in her that's different from the romance she sees before her right now. That too, is something that can be said for me as well. What is school, what are friends, and what exactly does it mean to love someone. All these things I still don't understand very well, I cannot make an early decision yet.

"In any case, I'll contact you again, ok?".

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"Sorry, for not being able to play with you guys".

I apologized like that, but in response to that, Haruka immediately replied.

"In the first place, we're a group that's gathered together to be outside such restrictions, right? If such restrictiveness were to be strangely strengthened it would cause our group to lose its forte. Gather when we like and decline when we're not feeling it. It's precisely because we're a group capable of doing so that gives it its charm".

Answering like that, Haruka ends the call.

"Certainly, that is true".

If something like an obligation were to be born in regards to invitations, the forte of this group would be lost. I recognized that this is a group I should be thankful for.