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In the end, I didn’t get Tre’ainar’s intentions, but either way, I had to think as I was told.

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『However, in order to devise a special move, the sooner you learn Magical Breathing the more you may expand your options. In fact, tis better to have you master it slowly, but I cannot say so. So, child. Truthfully, I am reluctant about having you do this in the growth period, but there is a way to learn Magical Breathing faster by combining it with Yoga.』

The teacher-like expression receded in an instant, and this time, Tre’ainar showed the stern face of a master again.

He asked me, as if to test my feelings and resolve, and when I nodded...

『If you are prepared... we shall ‘dry out by draining’... for a short time ... I shall have you experience some hell.』

The harsh training I had done so far started to look like a refreshing, sparkling sweat.

Translated by: Sads07

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It’s only been a few days.

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Draining. Does it drain moisture from the whole body by simply sweating and salivating?

I don’t see how that’s training at all.

I wonder if it simply means not drinking water even if you’re thirsty.

However, for me who has fought ninja warriors, an ogre, hoodlums and a mantis, it would be an easy task... easy task...... who was that optimistic idiot?