Is there a regular way online online?

Is there a regular way online online?

“That’s why I’m asking where the hell did you guys come from!?”



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Ignoring my complaint, Uehara-kun, Tendou-san, Chiaki, and the classmates, 10 people in total, are giving me some intense stress.

After I accepted everyone’s passionate look, I took a couple deep breaths and made up my mind.

Aguri-san and I exchanged looks as our faces turned red.

Just as I’m about to reveal the result of this duel that wagered everything-

“Hey, Amako, we’re going shopping.”

-During this time, I suddenly received the demon king’s order, who appeared in front of the classroom, Main Fushiguro-sama. I immediately straightened my back and saluted her!

“Yes, Main-sama! I’m glad to accompany you! (humorous)” [Note: The (humorous) is a tone or “word habit” here. It’s mostly used during the late Edo and early Meiji periods by artists, craftsmen, or playboys. You will see this a lot in the next chapter.]

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After I said that, I packed all of my belongings at lightspeed. Then, I just dropped a “bye” to everyone, who all fell speechless. After that, I walked out of the classroom with Main-san- Main-sama. I kept bowing down to her as I smiled humbly and apologized.

“Hehe, I’m so sorry for making you wait for a guy like me, Main-sama. (humorous)”

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“…Don’t talk. It’s disgusting. Just shut up and carry my luggage.”

“Hey, sure! I got it!”

I squeezed myself to dirt level as I walked next to her.

So, the Game Hobby Club of today ended successfully as well-


-Suddenly, a deafening roar or cry from the 2F classroom echoed throughout the entire school.