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To fulfill the promise to her deceased husband.

Maria, who was moving with that resolve in her heart, slowly fell forward.

「Damn it… You went through that suffering just to earn a few seconds. Parents are crazy creatures.」

Zam shrugged his shoulders and washed away the blood on his sword in the rain.

「Well, ojou-chan? Let’s send you too. It would be a pity to send your mom alone, don’t you think?」

「N-No… don’t come near me…」

In front of Zam, who approached step by step, Millie could only crawl back with her butt on the ground.

「Kukuku, I guess it’s time to end the『hunt』!」

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With a big smile on his face, Zam raised his sword high.

「Hyahhahah! Give me a good scream!」

The heinous blade that took many lives was swung down ruthlessly.

(Mom… I am sorry…)