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Lately, she has that empty expression like she did now, from time to time.

(Maybe there’s something causing her distress?)

When I was wondering about what to do,

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「Nee, Allen… Close your eyes.」

Ria requested something which didn’t make sense.

「Eh, why?」

「S-So you’re not going to?」Ria asked, with her puppy eyes.

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There’s no way I can refuse.


I did as she said, and slowly closed my eyelids.

「Y-You must never open it!」

「A-Aa! I promise!」

I made that promise, in that strange high tension situation.

Ten seconds after that… No, perhaps even a minute has passed.

Her hands were placed on my right shoulder, and I felt the heat from her body on mine.

And then, a warm, soft『something』brushed on my right cheek.