The online earning team is not lie

The online earning team is not lie

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“It looks like we have been planning to solve the ‘last mile’ plan. We have to hurry and implement it.”

“Especially in the areas that Upwind Courier stations cover. We have to get rid of our dependence on Upwind Courier stations as soon as possible!”

Shengyun Express had obviously been thinking about how to solve the problem of the last mile as the biggest conglomerate.

No matter how he thought about it, there were only two solutions to the economy: either make delivery cabinets or a courier station in the form of a shop.

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However, they could not be like Upwind Courier stations, where they could deliver to their doorstep. That was because the manpower cost would be too high.

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It was not that he could not afford this cost, but he had to ensure profits.

There was no profit to be made, and they might even incur losses. Not only would the higher-ups of Shengyun Express not agree to it, but those big business partners would also try to oppose it and not cooperate fully.

In the end, he would not be able to force the Upwind Courier model as their plan.

On the other hand, the delivery cabinet and the courier station that did not deliver to the doorstep would definitely not be as experienced as Upwind Courier stations. However, Shengyun Express also had its own advantages: the delivery fee was cheap, and the stations covered more cities.

Since the delivery fees were cheap, it meant that many e-commerce companies would tacitly engage Shengyun Express in order to reduce costs. Many customers who were more sensitive to prices would also sacrifice some experience to choose Shengyun Express.

What’s more, the proposal for the delivery cabinet was profitable. If a large sum of money was spent, the progress would be very fast.

Once these two plans were done, Shengyun Express would be able to gradually shake off the reliance on Upwind Courier stations in certain cities. At that time, they would be more confident if they took measures according to the situation.

Most of the higher-ups present agreed with this viewpoint.

Nie Yunsheng finally decided. “Alright, let’s do that. Don’t alert Upwind Logistics first. Let’s work together normally.”

“At the same time, we have to invest in large batches of delivery cabinets across the country, especially in areas with higher coverage of Upwind Courier stations. We have to gradually build our own ‘last mile’ solution.”

“Of course, we can first set up some test points in the early stages. We can observe places with Upwind Courier stations and places without Upwind Courier stations. We can see how the customers react.”

“We have to take this matter seriously!”

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