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Can I have a lot of money to play online?

「Aa, sweet things is good for calming down after all.」

Ria and Rose happily filled their mouths with choco bananas.

As I shot a sidelong glance at them, I took a breath of relief.

(…It looks like they’re okay now.)

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The scary memories carved in the haunted house seem to have been blown away by the sweetness of the choco banana.

(But… I have to stop them properly next year.)

The president and senpais are still second year students – that is, their Thousand Blade Festival still remains for another year.

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(Especially the president… She is a hard-core sore loser.)

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I’m sure they’ll be preparing a more powerful haunted house next year.

If Ria and Rose put on a brave front saying『I’m not scared!』, and try to enter the haunted house next year – let’s take this as an example and stop them.

(…But you never really know how life will turn out.)

Until just a few months ago, I was in a hellish place.

Disliked, despised, ignored – not needed by anyone, not taken care of by anyone.

A closed society called Gran Swordsmanship Academy.

I once went to Goza village to open up to my mother that I was being bullied.