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He poured himself a glass of water and turned on his laptop.

This was a new laptop; his previous one was already retired even though he had used it for just six months after school started.

Pei Qian’s current laptop was a high-end Alienware!

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Since he would be spending System Funds anyway, having a laptop as such was no longer something that Pei Qian looked forward to.

He opened ESRO’s website and checked on Ocean Stronghold only to find out that it had not passed the vetting process yet.

Because the game was huge, it was only natural for the vetting process to take longer. As such, the game was still in the vetting process despite 20 hours having passed.

Pei Qian closed the laptop and wasn’t overly bothered.

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Other companies bothered about when they would pass the vetting process because they had a marketing plan to execute.

However, Pei Qian had nothing of the sort!

Since that was the case, why would it matter when the game passed the vetting process? It wasn’t important at all!

The ten team members got out of the bus after the handshake.

Team Leader Su was shocked once again. He looked at the small bus, to Zhang Yuan, and then finally at the players.

Those who did not know would think that this was the car of some sports delegation! These members were all tall and muscular. They were more like gymnasts than esports players. The five in front were alright; they looked normal. However, what was with the five muscle monsters at the back?! They seemed to be good at fighting.

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Team Leader Su thought to himself silently. This looked totally different from what I imagined!

No other esports club had such types of members? What kind of training did you undergo usually?

Question marks floated over the head of Team Leader Su.

It was just that it was obviously impolite to ask these questions so Team Leader Su suppressed his curiosity forcibly. He brought Zhang Yuan and his team into the H4 Club.

They would first visit the club and then find an internet cafe nearby for a mock competition according to the previously finalized itinerary.