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After the written test finished, the teachers immediately began grading the answer sheets.

Given that this was an event that Class A had proposed, if we managed to win, our overall chances would rise exponentially.

We’d be able to challenge the fifth event with the possibility of taking home the entire special exam.

“Well then, I will now be announcing the results of the Math Test event. Class C: 631 points.”

Our average score for each student was around 90%!,(MISSING) a very impressive result.

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However, if the questions on the test weren’t very difficult, there would be other things to worry about.

“And for Class A… 655 points. Class A wins.”

Sakagami-sensei reported the two cumulative scores, revealing that we had lost the event by a slim, narrow margin of just 24 points.

“That was dangerously close. Everyone in Class C must have studied quite a lot. If you had chosen Horikita-san and Kōenji-kun, you might have won, don’t you think?”

“…Maybe so.”

It was regrettable that we hadn’t been able to steal the win this time. If I had included both Horikita and Kōenji, it’s true that we might have won. But even so, it still wouldn’t have been a guarantee either.

Furthermore, we were now facing the reality that, if the Modern Literature Test were to be drawn next, we would pretty much just lose automatically.

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Class C simply didn’t have anyone left whose academic abilities would be good enough to surpass those of Class A.

With this, the lead we had was gone. The score had once again evened out at two wins and two losses.

(Part 3 End)

And so began the drawing for the fifth event.