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Online Money Small Platform

That way, Pei Qian could get Cold-Faced Lady to burn money continuously!

Pei Qian was thinking happily when he heard a knock on his office door.

He looked up and saw Meng Chang.

“Boss Pei, the promotional video for Bunny Tail Live-Stream is done. The first version has been edited. Please take a look.”

Meng Chang felt very uneasy.

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He knew very well that Boss Pei should have expected that he would resort to all sorts of rubbish promotional plans to obtain a higher commission after being offered such a strange way to increase his commission.

However, Boss Pei was nonchalant and seemed to not care about the direction of Tengda Corporation’s publicity funds. That made Meng Chang feel uneasy.

Meng Chang was in a state of contradiction where he was afraid that he would incur losses if he did too well in advertising.

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This time was no exception. While the lads under Meng Chang ran faster than the other after work, their efficiency was indeed ridiculously high. They took only a week to finish the promotional video.

Meng Chang was unsure, so he showed it to Boss Pei immediately.

Pei Qian was not interested in this. “Go and give it to Old Ma. I won’t watch it.”

However, on further thought, he said, “Forget it. I’ll take a look since I’m already here.”

Meng Chang immediately went forward and handed his tablet computer over.

Pei Qian clicked on the video.

The promotional video was not very long, only about three minutes. What’s more, they were scenes that were commonly seen in life. There were very few characters in the video, so it was completed in less than a week.

The promotional video started with a university dormitory.

There were two students in the picture. One had messy hair and looked listless. The other was wearing glasses and looked much better.

Their appearance highlighted their identities: a flunkie and a top student.

In the first scene, the flunkie wore earphones and ate fruits while watching game live-streams at night. He would laugh from time to time. On the other hand, the top student would wear earplugs and study hard under the light of the desk lamp.