How is the live broadcast of online broadcast?

How is the live broadcast of online broadcast?

“The human traffic during Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day are relatively large. It’s indeed good timing. However, our movie has such a deep connotation and might not be suitable for such timing,” Zhu Xiaoce said.

“In my opinion, we should release the movie on May 1st, Labor Day. Good things can wait.”

Please don’t joke anymore. The settlement will be on 31st March. It wouldn’t do if it were to drag to May 1st!

There might be a project that could delay the settlement, but Pei Qian wanted to leave such a settlement for the Thriller Hostel. How could it be left to a lousy movie destined to make a loss?

In Pei Qian’s view, it was better for the movie to be released as soon as possible. Any additional day of waiting meant more risk.

“May 1st is too late; it’s not necessary. Let’s set it on February 22nd instead. It’s a good date,” Pei Qian said. Zhu Xiaoce, “?”

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He took out his phone and looked at the calendar. February 22nd was a Tuesday. It was not a holiday; it wasn’t even a weekend.

Zhu Xiaoce’s confused expression lasted for two seconds, and then his brows softened.

Does Boss Pei have other arrangements? Or is this some auspicious day?

Boss Pei does not seem as though he is joking.

Zhu Xiaoce nodded. “Okay, Boss Pei. We’ll set it on February 22nd then. However… the publicity pressure of our movie would be very great scheduling it on such a day.”


Pei Qian was indifferent about it. What was there to publicize about a street movie? The best outcome would be no schedule time slots after it was released and for everyone not to know about this movie.