How much is online typing a day?

How much is online typing a day?

However, the Zerg Queen did not send a large number of Zergs to decapitate the commander of the humans this time. The pressure on the main battlefield was very huge. If this continued, no one could predict the final outcome of this war.

He suddenly had an idea.

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Through the control panel, Qin Yi ordered all the troops in the intense battle to temporarily stop and retreat!

The human troops in the fierce battle did not immediately carry out this order because the war was nearing its climax. Everyone’s eyes were red from killing. The humans and Zergs had reached a state of life and death.

Qin Yi quickly passed through the control panel and kept thinking about the orders for the troops to temporarily stop fighting and retreat!

Finally, his order worked. Some starships began to retreat. The Zergs did not chase after them even though they were prepared to be chased down. Instead, they stopped attacking.

Soon, this strange calmness spread across the vast battlefield. The human fleets and Zergs retreated and were in a deadlock on the current battlefront.

Even AEEIS fell silent. Neither it nor the human soldiers could explain why.

Humans and Zergs, two races that could not communicate at all, had actually stopped fighting so strangely?

Qin Yi’s face was expressionless.

However, in the next second, he started operating the controls once again!

The main human forces were in a deadlock with the Zergs. The battlefield fell into silence.

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However, the backup human troops in the starry sky immediately moved towards a hidden location on the back of the planet!

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Qin Yi could feel the general deployment of the Zergs. The fleet formed by a few starships stopped after approaching the back of the planet. A large number of small spaceships were advancing rapidly towards the Zerg Queen!

The swarm of insects in front of them suddenly became restless a few minutes later!

Obviously, the Zerg Queen had only just discovered the ambush team!

Qin Yi was affected by the consciousness of the nest and felt an indescribable anger.