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From the moment they were off the ship, the first-year students quickly set off without the slightest hesitation. And since there weren’t any Tasks yet, the second and third-year students would most likely do the same, choosing to head toward their first designated area once they were finally off the ship.

When I finally stepped foot in the harbor, I decided to stand back and take a look at the general flow of things instead of rushing off to my destination.

I needed to make sure to set aside about an hour to an hour and a half for traveling, but there shouldn’t be any problem with waiting around for about 30 minutes as long as I kept track of time. If you didn’t have your sights set on getting the Early Bird Bonus, there was no difference in how many points you’d earn for arriving after an hour or so.

“There don’t seem to be any second-year groups in a hurry or anything. Well, it’s not a very good idea to compete for this first designated area anyway. Even if they rushed to try and catch up, they’d still be over 10 minutes behind the first-years in the lead. Closing a gap like that would use up a lot of stamina, don’t you think?”

Having come off the ship herself, Horikita approached me yet again.

“Given the disadvantage, it’s only natural that people would want to take it slow at first.”

As they disembarked right after Class 1-D, students from Class 2-A might have a slight chance of catching up in time, but it didn’t seem like they were going out of their way to do that.

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“Anyway, it’s really hot, isn’t it…? I’m glad I thought ahead to get a hat. Are you fine without one?”

“I don’t have enough points left to buy one. I’ll figure something out.”

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While Horikita and I were chatting, a young man gallantly strode past us. From the brief look I managed to get of his smiling face, he gave off the impression that he would be enjoying these two grueling weeks to the utmost extent possible.

“Kōenji… Do you really think that guy will take this special exam seriously?”

“Who knows… While he’s agreed to my bet, there’s no telling what he’ll do.”

“It’s a coin flip. That is, whether he’ll really take action or not.”

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Kōenji had promised Horikita that, if he didn’t take first place in this special exam, he would cooperate during the next. But, this promise wasn’t really held up by anything. There was no compelling force, no binding agreement put in place, so if he didn’t want to keep his word, that would be it.

However, Horikita was gradually becoming more and more recognized as the leader of our class, so if Kōenji chose to betray her trust, he could rest assured that none of our classmates would lift a finger to help him when faced with a difficult exam in the future.

An outcome like that wouldn’t be very desirable, even for somebody like Kōenji…

I was personally looking forward to witnessing Kōenji’s performance during this special exam.

“Let’s friggin’ goooo! I’ve got my sights set on numbah one, baby!”