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In the middle of the plaza, two people are holding each other while deeply kissing at the same time-

Keita Amano and Aguri.

Hello, I’m the author, Sekina Aoi. Thank you for buying < Gamers! 5 – Gamers and Annihilated Game Over >.

Well, we arrived at the 5th volume of the series. So, I guess we can take all the serious greetings away. Please allow me to get to the topic as soon as possible.

This afterword has 12 pages.

…Have anyone seen an author that wrote afterwords that exceed 10 pages like it’s nothing? At least I don’t…unless I’m facing a mirror.

Speaking of which, I feel like the author “Sekina Aoi” is a narcissist that loves to talk about himself. In reality, it’s because I have that “hey everyone come and listen to my story” side. That’s why I chose to be an author.

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Even so, usually, I should be satisfied with a couple of 4-5 pages afterwords since my debut. Actually, I have already fulfilled my desire for afterwords in the 1st volume of the series. I should say the “talking about myself happily” part is already over long ago. From this perspective, the lowest amount of pages possible (around 2) is already enough for me to thank the readers and the people involved.

…Then, a few years passed.

Right now, even if I received a notification from my editor that said I need to write a 10-page afterword, I’m already trained to respond. “Oh, it’s finally time for a normal round?”

What is this?

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…Ay, although I’ve always complained about the lengthy afterwords, I think it counts as self-inflicted damage this time.