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However, there were at least thirty to forty people in this project team. The core members probably got bigger shares while the insignificant fellows like Hao Qiongwho merely played supporting rolesprobably got five thousand yuan at best.

Based on these calculations, Wu Bin guessed that Hao Qiong received a maximum of ten thousand yuan per month in the form of basic salary and bonus. As for other welfare benefits, Wu Bin was not

However, he could probably make up for those benefits by offering two to four thousand yuan more each month, right?

Wu Bin planned on offering Hao Qiong a monthly salary from twelve to fourteen thousand yuan. To him, this was already a ridiculous amount. Ordinary chief planners in Jingzhou were only paid seven to eight thousand yuan a month. Now, he was going to try poaching a mere administrative planner with an average of thirteen thousand yuan a month?

That was indeed ridiculous.

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Thus, Wu Bin’s strategy in poaching other employees was to heighten the other party’s expectations.

This was the script that he had planned out:

Wu Bin: “You must earn a high salary, right? I’m guessing you earn a basic salary of six thousand yuan?”

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Hao Qiong: “How’s that possible? It’s not so much-just about five thousand yuan.”

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Wu Bin: “Eh, then you must get a huge bonus each month, right? I’m guessing upwards of seven or eight thousand yuan?”

Hao Qiong: “Not even close. I only get five-thousand-odd yuan.”

Wu Bin: “That means you only get ten thousand yuan a month? That’s lower than I expected.”

Hao Qiong: “It’s not bad. The company benefits are good.”

Wu Bin: “But company benefits can’t fill your tummy. Given your experience and skills, you would probably be paid at least twelve thousand yuan in our company!” Hao Qiong: “Really?”

Wu Bin: “Of course! You’re worth at least that much!”

If Hao Qiong still looked reluctant, Wu Bin would continue increasing the offer, capping it at fifteen thousand yuan.