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The sisters were also a little freaked out.

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But I deliberately said it.

“Aaahh You guys, don’t be so care-free! We’re going to make them pay for what they’ve done! Or is this what you guys wanted to do? You want to get to know the girls? Are you satisfied with just that? Is that what changing yourself is all about? That’s wrong! It’s about getting back at those who mocked us! To that end, leave the fun party for later, or you’ll lose the hungry spirit that sprouted up with great effort!”


There are those who want to go to magic school but can’t, and others who quit on their own, but these guys are still attending magic school.

However, they were just going through the motions, doing nothing in particular and rotting away. They’ve declared to me today that they want to change themselves.

In that case, I had to do it.

Then, surprisingly…

“Yes… that’s right…… yeah…… I was just thinking that I need to work harder and harder!”

“Ora, let’s do it!”

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“Yes… Confidence…… Yes, I want to be able to have it.”

“But, I can’t just move so suddenly, I’m human.”

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Except for one, they stood up with glaring eyes.

Apparently, they haven’t wilted yet, and I was a little impressed.

“That’s why, Karui. The social gathering… I’ll ask for it after they gain a little more confidence in themselves… as a reward when they become stronger.”

“Uha~, so passionate, big brother! Well, that might be fun ? if possible, it’s better to be stronger and cooler.”