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When we both stood at the center of the stage,

「Both parties, are you ready!? Well then – Match Start!」

The commentator declared the start of the match. I quickly pulled out my sword and held it in front of my navel. The basic form of attack and defense, Seigan no kamae – this is my basic stance that can instantly defend, parry and counterattack no matter what movement the opponent makes.

Whereas Cain-san – suddenly grasped both hands firmly and kneeled in a gesture that prayed to God.

Looking at it, a bad premonition ran through my body like a storm.

(I-Is it possible…!?)

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「The whip of time to this devout believer – 《Hell Hundred》!」

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The next moment, a big fissure ran through the empty space, and a sword appeared. It was a distorted blade that looked like a clock’s hand and emitted『something』that instinctively caused an unpleasant feeling.

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「S-Soul dress…!?」

I was surprised by that unexpected situation. Leaving aside『General』, I never imagined even the『Center』would use soul dress. Cain-san lovingly patted his sword and looked at me with a sharp glint in his eyes.

「Now, it is the time of judgement! I’ll go first – no, I’ll end this!」

He didn’t wait for the turmoil to settle down, and immediately closed the distance between us.