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The corners of Pei Qian’s mouth rose slightly as he thought happily. However, he glanced around the audience, only to find that everyone was staring back at him as if expecting a reasonable explanation from him.

Oh? Looking forward to a plot twist? Sorry, there would be none!

Pei Qian stood up directly. “Alright, that’s all for today’s short meeting. Dismissed.” He turned to leave the conference room immediately, leaving the heads to look at one another with different expressions.

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It was very obvious that Boss Pei did not want everyone to discuss this award in public. At the very least, none of them could discuss it then and there. Otherwise, he would not have been so harsh. He even insisted that everyone go home as soon as they could.

In addition, the award itself was very suspicious. There must be something wrong since things went this way!

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Everyone frowned, thinking about Boss Pei’s deeper intentions behind such actions. The entire conference room fell silent.

All of a sudden, Huang Sibo looked up. Soon after, Lin Wan, Lu Mingliang, Zhang Yuan, and Chang You followed suit. They all exchanged a meaningful look as if wanting to say something. However, it would have been inappropriate to discuss it aloud there. After all, they were right in front of Boss Pei.

Boss Pei had clearly wanted them to realize it on their own. He did not want them to discuss it openly.

Thus, Lu Mingliang stood up, picked up the trophy, and walked away. However, before he left, he waved his cell phone at everyone else in the meeting room.

Huang Sibo and Lin Wan quickly followed closely behind him. They, too, gestured at their cell phones before they left.

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All the heads returned to their own workspaces.

On the way, Lu Mingliang added all the heads of Tengda Corporation into a chat named ‘Tengda Higher Management’s Internal Chat’. Of course, he did not add Boss Pei into the group. Strictly speaking, Boss Pei was the boss of Tengda Corporation. Naturally, he could not be considered part of ‘higher management’.

However, the main reason was that—while Boss Pei had set a riddle for everyone-he seemingly didn’t want everyone to spread the correct answer. Instead, it seemed like he wanted everyone to solve the riddle on their own and slowly come to understand it in private.

Each time Boss Pei noticed that the ‘correct answer’ seemed to be spreading around, he would become upset.

Yet, they could not just keep mum.

Boss Pei’s riddle was too difficult. When would they ever be able to figure it out if each of them tried to find the answer on their own?

The group would only be meant for discussion and inspiration. It would not count as cheating. All of them were so close. They could skip the pleasantries and cut right to the chase.

Lu Mingliang, “What do you think Boss Pei is trying to tell us through this award?