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At the heart of the organization, there are mad scientists, not caring an ounce about humans.

Ria Vesteria is a precious『host of the phantom spirit』.

Those people who are filled with curiosity to the core, will not overlook such a fine research specimen.

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He was certain that her body will be fiddled with and that she will meet her end in a gruesome way.

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Rather than being treated like that, it would be a blessing to seal her consciousness here, he judged.

The transparent hands of water dragged Ria and Rose into the door.


They didn’t particularly resist.

In the first place, both their hands and feet were restrained. And now, they couldn’t even find the will to resist.

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「…I’m sorry, Allen.」

When Ria said that one last time – a hideous darkness, something which couldn’t have been born of this world, filled the entire throne room.

「What the?!」

Rain’s eyes widened in shock. He then felt something, and shivered.

(This power is…! No, it’s impossible…! His consciousness should have been completely sealed! The Door of Yaata has never been broken!)

Cold shivers ran down his spine. He even heard his own gulping loudly.