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She hurried to meet him, small and shadowy in the uncertain light. James, the cat, stalked rheumatically at her side. She came up to Bill, and he saw that her face wore an anxious look. He gazed at her with a curious feeling that it was a very long time since he had seen her last.

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'Where have you been?' she said, her voice troubled. 'I couldn't think what had become of you.'

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'I went for a walk.'

'But you've been gone hours and hours.'

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'I went to a place called Morrisville.'

'Morrisville!' Elizabeth's eyes opened wide. 'Have you walked twenty miles?'

'Why, I--I believe I have.'

It was the first time he had been really conscious of it. Elizabeth looked at him in consternation. Perhaps it was the association in her mind of unexpected walks with the newly-born activities of the repentant Nutty that gave her the feeling that there must be some mental upheaval on a large scale at the back of this sudden ebullition of long-distance pedestrianism. She remembered that the thought had come to her once or twice during the past week that all was not well with her visitor, and that he had seemed downcast and out of spirits.

She hesitated.

'Is anything the matter, Mr Chalmers?'

'No,' said Bill, decidedly. He would have found a difficulty in making that answer with any ring of conviction earlier in the day, but now it was different. There was nothing whatever the matter with him now. He had never felt happier.

'You're sure?'

'Absolutely. I feel fine.'

'I thought--I've been thinking for some days--that you might be in trouble of some sort.'

Bill swiftly added another to that list of qualities which he had been framing on his homeward journey. That girl of his would be angelically sympathetic.

'It's awfully good of you,' he said, 'but honestly I feel like--I feel great.'

The little troubled look passed from Elizabeth's face. Her eyes twinkled.

'You're really feeling happy?'