Can a person on the Internet can make money?

Can a person on the Internet can make money?

“Weird? Amanocchi, is that emotion what you call jealousy-“

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“Ah, no, I realized it’s a desire to kill.”

“Don’t grab a fork while smiling! You’re really scary today, Amanocchi!”

“It’s because I’m super annoyed today!”

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“You dump your anger over others because your relationship is a mess. This is terrible!”

“You look down on your friend because your relationship is going well. A girl like you is pretty terrible too!”

“Who’s looking down on you!? I’m just…”

“You’re just?”

“I’m just…too bored during the winter holidays. So, I want to teach a poor otaku something while messing with him!”

“I can’t be despised any further! What’s this!? Don’t act all high just because you kissed-“

“Eh, what did you say? I haven’t even kissed anyone yet.”

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“What a shocking confession! Hey, then who gave you the privilege to talk about kissing skills all high and mighty?”

“Udon and ramen.”